Attention one and all: We are holding auditions this weekend for CLUE, the wacky murder and mayhem mystery based on the board game.

A Tribute to Mark Read

In his long and fascinating life, Mark performed in community theaters around the world while working in intelligence, a true master of disguise. He graced VIVA’s stages for many years….

Jim Carver’s 10th Decade

Jim Carver, one of VIVA’s most skilled directors, turned ninety years old on January 30th, 2022. “I thought I’d get this old,” he says, “but I didn’t know it would…

Opening November 12th

Presenting our first show since Dude! It’s Boulder in November of 2019. We celebrate that which makes the world go round. Love!

All hail Sandy Hale!

On May 30th 1926, our very own VIVA star Sandy Hale was born. Yes! 95 years old, and still working it. READ ON for some Sandy-only anecdotes.

The Covid Coaster

Our founding member, Sandy Hale, remarked how this past year has been like a scary roller coaster ride. Forthwith – this poem. Imagine the screams, please.

The Pandemic, according to Will

April 2021: Historians tell us that the immortal Bard, William Shakespeare, lived out his entire life in the shadow of the Plague. He had plenty of time to dream up…

We Love You, Boulder

Like so many others, we’ve been struggling to come to terms with the meaningless violence that has invaded our community.

Introducing: The VIVA Zoom Salon

We don’t know about you, but between self-isolating, a contentious political environment, and passively watching the world go by from behind our windows and screens, we’ve had enough!

The Perspectives of Time

It’s been almost three weeks since Governor Polis declared a state of emergency in Colorado.