The Pandemic, according to Will

By April 27, 2021 General

April 2021: Historians tell us that the immortal Bard, William Shakespeare, lived out his entire life in the shadow of the Plague. He had plenty of time to dream up new expressions that are with is to this day, 5oo years later.

One of our members wrote this meditation on the Year of our Plague, and heard the voice of Will in her head as she put pen to paper.

If you hover with your mouse over the underlined words, the play the words are taken from will magically appear! Sorry to say it works only on your laptop. For all of you using mobile devices, you can go here and dive deep into the expressions.

My Pandemic, in the Bard’s words


I lived in a fool’s paradise

Until it hit. What hit?

“Coronavirus” –Greek to me

I’m lucky I was fit.

At first there was the wild goose chase

For toilet paper rolls;

No shopping dared, I shortly found

I’d nought to fill my bowls.

Eaten out of house and home

I was a sorry sight.

Some nights I hadn’t slept a wink

Although I am a night  

Owl, looked as bad as if I were

Dead as a doornail bent.

On other nights I sometimes slept

To my own heart’s content.

I knew that love is blind but learned

That mem’ry’s eyes are, too.

Through days alone I pondered long

But winter’s tales are few.

I thought ‘twould last forever

Forever and a day

I wish ‘twould vanish in thin air

But, gladly, come what may




JoAn Segal

(though she be but little, she is fierce)