Auditions for Talking With…

By January 5, 2024 Mainstage

January 6th, 2024: We are pleased to announce audition dates and times for our spring show, Talking With…, by Jane Martin.

Talking With… is composed of eleven monologues for women. You will be required to memorize your role in order to perform in this play. Each monologue is about ten minutes long.

Audition dates: Friday, Jan. 19th at 6 pm and Saturday, Jan 20th at 1 pm.
Cold readings from the script, though if you have a prepared monologue please bring it. Also – please bring a photo of yourself from 1980 or 1981 (or thereabouts). You need only attend one audition session.

The show will open on March 22nd, 2024. The show runs through April 7th, and we will not perform on Easter Sunday March 31st. We will begin rehearsing at the beginning of February, and there can be some flexibility on dates – but you must be available for all run-throughs and rehearsals beginning March 11th.

Audition location: Please come to Westview Church, 671o Arapahoe (the corner of Arapahoe & Westview Blvd.). Drive around to the back of the building and enter into the basement.

Monologues and Characters:

  • Fifteen Minutes: a struggling actress in a road company gets ready to go onstage
  • Scraps: dressed as the The Patchwork Girl of Oz, a very bored housewife lives more and more in her imaginary world
  • Clear Glass Marbles: she tells the story of how her mother prepared for her coming death
  • Audition: a very nervous actress, with her cat in tow, has a disastrous audition for a role
  • Rodeo: a cowgirl talks about how rodeos have become commercial ventures, like everything else in the country
  • Twirler: a baton twirler speaks ecstatically about how twirling brings her close to God
  • Lamps: a woman finds amazement and comfort in light as she grows older
  • Handler: a woman from an evangelical sect handles deadly snakes to test her faith
  • Dragons: she is in labor, and is about to give birth to a dragon
  • French Fries: she is a homeless woman, what used to be called a Bag Lady, who wants to live in a McDonald’s
  • Marks: a woman in a bar talks about why she began to cover her body with tattoos


please email the director.