Storytellers at the Library

By October 8, 2019 April 27th, 2022 Library

October 21, 2019: Halloween Alert! Boulder Valley Spellbinders® will present “Unusual Harvests and Mysterious Happenings” for this month’s VIVA at the Library.

In keeping with the season –  that slightly spooky time between the Equinox and the Solstice, where the daylight shrinks, the Earth begins its long winter’s slumber, and ghosts feel perfectly comfortable pestering the living – VIVA brings you a presentation of engrossing stories, shared by Boulder Valley Spellbinders ® with storytellers Jan Tafoya and Ann Cress.

Among the stories in the program are ‘Mary Culhane and the Dead Man’, ‘The Mischievous Girl and the Hideous Creature’, ‘The Stray Dog’, Grimm’s ‘The Turnip’ and ‘The Magic Pumpkins’. Children will be spellbound by ‘The Boy Who Drew Cats’  and ‘The Flying Head’.


Boulder Valley Spellbinders® is an intergenerational literacy and oral storytelling program, with forty-two volunteers telling stories in twenty-two BVSD schools. The storytellers also bring their magic to summer camps and assisted living centers throughout the County

Spellbinders is sponsored by the Flatirons Rotary of Boulder. The Rotary also sponsors VIVA, along with a number of community-based initiatives. Thank you, Rotary!

WHAT: Storytellers!

WHEN: Monday, October 21st at 2 pm

WHO: Everyone is invited. Kid-friendly! VIVA at the Library is always free.

WHERE: Boulder Public Library, Main Branch, the Creek Room (first floor, southwest corner)